The Gift

She comes out from the shower, drying her hair and walks over to the dresser. She looks down and smiles, the blue box is still sitting there. She places the towel down and sits at the edge of the bed, sliding the box off of the dresser and untying the silk white bow, it comes undone so easily, almost as if the gift inside was eager to be released from its confines.
She lifts the cover, placing it by her side and she slowly opens the cloth that holds “the gift”. The glint of the metal peeks through and she smiles, running her fingers along the choker. She slowly pulls it from the box and she feels a heat rise inside of her. She slips her finger into the heart at the center of the choker and tugs at it, she moans.
Frightened by her body’s own response, she places the choker back into its cloth confines and places the lid back onto it. Placing it back on the dresser, her heart is beating faster.
She grabs the towel and sits down at her desk, she returns to drying her hair, her eyes fixed on the box. Such a beautiful box, with such a powerful gift inside. She turns away from it, starting to run the comb through her curls…still warm inside.
As the comb runs through her hair, she closes her eyes and imagines Him. She hears Him whispering in her ear, beckoning her to come to Him and she quivers. She runs her fingers through her hair and tugs at it, feeling Him pulling her to Him. She leans back in the chair and the comb falls from her hand, her legs part as she feels His hand on her thighs, she leans back. Fingers slowly making their way up her thighs, she feels the ache for Him, she sighs. Slowly the fingertips run along her very inner thigh and she tilts her head back, licking her lips as the fingers make their way to the edge of her panty, pulling it aside as they start to explore her ache. She moans and parts her legs further, heat intense, longing, craving…
Her head turns to the window beside her and almost as if by His will, the rain starts to fall…another gift perhaps. It raps at her window and she closes her eyes again as the fingers enter her, she lifts her hips slightly from the chair as they slip into her. She feels Him as He kisses at her neck, his lips quenching the fire that has been slowly burning inside her since he asked her The Question. He continues to kiss at her neck , she feels His other hand at her throat as He pulls her back from the chair, His teeth lightly graze her neck, she whispers in a low breath, “Sir..”, His teeth sink into her neck and she feels the passion released from within her, one of her legs pulled back as the fingers start to take her, making her His.
As she begins to flow onto His fingers, He leans in and kisses her neck, the freshly inflicted wound soothed by the desire in His lips. His lips trail to her neck, “You are already Mine, surrender yourself to Me, My angel”. His words ignite the flame within her as she cries out for Him, she cums, her heart races, her breath quickens…for Him, and the rain continues to fall for her, His gift.
Her eyes still closed as the orgasm flows and she feels herself on air, she drifts into a slumber, safe in His embrace. She sleeps for what seems like days and then the sun comes in from the window, dancing on her face to wake her. She sits up in the bed and looks around, she is alone. She looks to the dresser, but the box is not there. She looks around, “Was it all a dream?”, she wonders to herself. She lays back again and tries to figure out what had happened to her. As she lays her head back, she looks over to her side, there on the desk lay the blue box, uncovered, the cloth open and the choker yearning to feel her flesh. She turns and looks up at the ceiling, she smiles as her hand reaches into the box, she pulls the choker from it and rests it at her neck, not placing it around her neck, but resting the cool metal just on her neck. She places her hand over it, pressing the cool metal to her warm flesh, adding a little pressure, she moans and feels her neck with the metal until she feels the tenderness of the bruise on her neck….”mmm”, she moans. His words, “You are Mine”, resound in her ears and she trembles. The Gift resting at her flesh begging to be clasped around her neck. She holds it to her neck and slips back into her slumber awaiting His next embrace.