Dark Side Host/Hostess Application

Thank you for your interest in joining our team at dark side. Please, read our requirements and fill out the application below!!

*You are required to Host/ess a MINIMUM of 2 hours per week. This is two hours that is partnered with a DJ set whom you work with in order to come up with themed event ideas which you would run past me at LEAST one week before the event so we can market it appropriately.

*You must be able to communicate in ENGLISH (a minimum in English without translator is necessary) as our patrons are primarily English speaking

*Your profile must advertise Dark Side as well as much information about when you are host/hostessing as possible

*Working with the DJ you are partnered with to build his/her group by sending out invites to his group as well as invites to the Dark Side

*You must wear red, black or white or a combination.

Chainmail or naked is good. The exception to this is when we have a themed event happening and also when working the beach parties

*You must greet all guests by name.

*You must make conversation with people in the club, saying hello and then nothing more is not acceptable. If found to be acting as a greeter instead of a host/ess there will be conversation with management as we could easily have bots as greeters. You are there to engage and entertain patrons

*Chatting lightly with the dancers who are on stage

*No AFK or sorting through inventory when hosting Our log in/out time keeping tip jars will periodically check if you are afk and you will be booted if found to not be at your keyboard

*Do not use too many emotes or gestures, we prefer for you to engage in lighthearted chat but please be aware that some emoting is required as is the appropriate level of gestures

*Escorts not allowed to pick up clients.

*We are a community not just a dance club, we want everyone to feel welcome and like family. REMEMBER YKIMKBYKIOK

(your kink isn’t my kink but your kink is ok) we do not employ or allow Moral Nazis in our club

If you are successful you will keep 100% of your tips, we also offer 10L per hour to be paid weekly on Monday’s as our work week runs from Monday-Sunday as well as the following bonuses

Perks of the job:

*Choose your own schedule

*10L per hour plus the possibility for bonuses

*Keep all your tips.

*We have just reinstated our dancer freebie program, premium freebies from quality makers in SL such as Wasabi hair, Blueberry, Dead Dollz and many others,  of which each dancer may redeem one per week. Host/Hostesses are also eligible to take advantage of this program

*Receive a discount on rent if you rent with us

We look forward to receiving your application and getting to know you.